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Power Generation

When presented with a remote power challenge, Gentherm Global Power Technologies always seeks the solution that provides the lowest overall cost of ownership over the required operating life of the customer’s asset.  These include:

  • Single or multi-TEG systems
  • Solar-Hybrid options 
  • Custom built solutions

Solutions are tailored to meet each customer's unique site conditions. For examples visit our Custom Solutions section.


Oil & Gas

Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT) offers a full range of solutions to generate reliable, industrial power in remote locations for customers that do not have access to power sources or dependable grid power. We meet the needs of a variety of industries around the globe, each with their own unique challenges.


GPT is the leader in the remote power market globally.  We not only manufacture industrial thermoelectric generators for remote locations, but also offer solar power hybrids (GlobalSolarHybrid TEGs), electrical shelters (ehouses - GlobalCharge), fuel conditioning systems, fuel management systems and heat recovery systems.

GPT continues to monitor all technologies that show promise for remote applications. We are not a research and development company, but a system integrator with a broad and deep understanding of the applicability of different technologies in remote power. We understand the development and commercialization process.



For over 40 years, GPT has  specialized in remote industrial power solutions for applications anywhere in the world. Our systems have proven to be ultra-reliable; saving you headaches, saving you money.

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