Some Important Terms in Slot Machines

Bet Management – This expression refers to the method that a player uses to soundly manage the budget he has allocated to slot machines and derive maximum benefit from it. See our article on budget management for slot machines to gather more information on the issue!

High Volatility – The higher the volatility of a slot machine, the lower the rate of redistribution. On the other hand, the reversal of machines with high volatility implies much greater gains than those with low volatility.

Hit – Alternative term for a winning spin. 

Hit & Run – This expression means for some players the fact of placing the maximum bet on a single payline for a few rounds and, in the absence of a payout, to try out on another slot machine.

Jackpot – The maximum amount of money a player can win.

Fixed Jackpot – Unlike the progressive jackpot, fixed jackpots are characterized by a pre-established and unchangeable amount, regardless of the number of times they are won and the number of players who play them.

Progressive Jackpot – This is the constantly increasing overall prize pool, which is fed by several interconnected slot machines. The progressive jackpot takes on volume depending on the number of active players and the number of chips they bet. Nowadays, it is even possible to see several casinos come together to supply progressive jackpots!

Payment Line – Virtual slot machines are run through different payment lines. The winnings that a player can claim will be conditioned by the symbols that will appear on the winning line.

Low Level – Refers to slot machines that you can play while seated. 

Five Reel Machine – It offers 2 more reels (or reels) than traditional slot machines, which offer only 3. The 5 reel machines are particularly popular as they have more pay lines than their sisters.

Fruit Machine – This is a qualifier that some insiders colloquially use to designate a slot machine because of the fruity symbols that line the reels of the first slot machines. You get a hit when the centerline has a combination of three identical fruits. Classic Slot Machine – Expression which designates a slot machine with 3 reels in reference to the fact that the distant ancestor of the slot machine had only 3 reels.

Progressive Slot Machine – A progressive slot machine is interconnected with a network of other slot machines to feed a jackpot that will delight the player who has the chance to win it. Not all slot machines fall into this category. Make sure you know your machine before playing it!

Video Slot Machines – Newly arrived in the world of slot machines, the emergence of video slot machines would not have been possible without the contribution of technology. Video slots do not have physical reels. Their presence and rotation are simulated by graphic animations.

Three Reel Machine – Term used to define slot machines that only have 3 reels. Slot machines with 3 reels are always popular as players appreciate the traditional side. What’s more, they offer more simplicity than their 5-reel cousins.

Some Important Terms in Slot Machines

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